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blurbin' it

I've never actually seen any of the Twilight movies. I'm starting to think that they're not even real movies. A lot of the stuff I've heard about them just sounds like the description of a fake movie that somebody made up to include in their own film. It doesn't help that I've only seen the same two minutes of footage, for each movie, over and over again. Even the recent Twilight ads on FX show the same footage that was in the original two minute trailer. This is got to be some elaborate trick being played on me, right? These movies don't really exist.


One Hundred Page Views

According to my site stats The Daily Doodle is getting 100 page views a day. Sure it doesn't seem like much but I'm excited. It means folks are reading it. So, I want to say thank you. If I can make something out of The Daily Doodle it will help me in my goal of quitting my day job and drawing more comics. Not just doodle comics either. I have plans to do some more web based comic strips but unfortunately my schedule is pretty full between my day job and freelance illustration jobs. I'm getting close to eliminating my day job though and the 100 page views is encouraging. Thanks again everyone!

Posted 11:23
Sat 08 October

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