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I Reckon

Comic #187

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blurbin' it

Old cowboys are cool. Modern day cowboys, not so much. They've taken to incorporating modern day slang into their vernacular. Instead of saying "Yee-ha!" they now say "Yee-LOL!"


New Shirts

bcake.jpgI've added a couple new shirts to my store. They're a couple of designs that I did a while back for the contest. They didn't win but I think they're winners! Anyway, Beefcake is a good shirt for those of you with lots of muscles or those of you who want to appear muscular, or even those of you who enjoy eating steak and pretending it's a piece of cake. The other shirt, Your Fly is Down features an embarrassing situation between two flies. So go check 'em out, why don't ya, and maybe buy some. I sure would be glad you did.

Posted 10:37
Sun 08 January

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