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blurbin' it

I seem to recall reading a pick up artist tip somewhere that suggested putting baby powder behind your ears in order to activate a lady's need to make children. This would then lead to them wanting to have sex with you. I think it would just creep a lady out. I imagine there would be a number of questions that she would have as to why a grown man smelled so strongly of baby powder. And what if she asked you those questions? What could you say that wouldn't wind up sounding extremely weird?


The Daily Doodle Is A Go

Well, The Daily Doodle has been updating for a little over a week now and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. For those of you who can't tell by the title, doodles will be updating every day.

I'm still fiddling with the site a bit. It will probably be a while before I get it exactly the way I want. I'm using ComicCMS for the website. It's a PHP content management system designed specifically for webcomics. It's pretty easy to use but I'm still trying to figure stuff out. My knowledge of web design has been stuck in the year 2000 for quite sometime. I'm used to using Microsoft Frontpage and basic HTML to design and manage my sites so this is a totally new thing for me. Anyway, any little tweaks I make to the site shouldn't effect updates.

Posted 17:05
Sun 14 August

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