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Cupid's Arrow

Comic #191

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blurbin' it

It's strange that something so violent as shooting somebody with an arrow represents falling in love. Love should be more gentle than that. Cupid should float down from heaven, or wherever, with a heart shaped loofah and gently wash your back with some lavender scented body wash.


Dylan Reviews Everything


If you are here, I assume you enjoy entertaining websites that update once a day. Well then, have I got a recommendation for you! It's Dylan Reviews Everything. It's a brand new website starring my good friend Mr. Dylan Duarte. Every day he brings us his insight and criticisms on films, TV, Video Games, Food and even people. Also, I designed and illustrated the website's header.

While Dylan may not be an officer or a gentlemen, he's a fine writer and a good man. So, go check it out, bookmark it, rss it, or whatever else you crazy kids are doing with your internet machines these days. I promise you won't regret it. Dylan might but you won't.

Posted 19:41
Fri 10 Febuary

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