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Cuddle Time

Comic #198

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blurbin' it

"Hey, Uh...Linda....Linda. You seem to have locked me out of the room. I'm not sure if you are aware of this. I know that guy was distracting you a bit when you went in there. Linda? Ah...I'm sure she'll figure it out in a minute when she realizes I'm not on the bed. Yep, any minute now."


Dylan Reviews Everything


If you are here, I assume you enjoy entertaining websites that update once a day. Well then, have I got a recommendation for you! It's Dylan Reviews Everything. It's a brand new website starring my good friend Mr. Dylan Duarte. Every day he brings us his insight and criticisms on films, TV, Video Games, Food and even people. Also, I designed and illustrated the website's header.

While Dylan may not be an officer or a gentlemen, he's a fine writer and a good man. So, go check it out, bookmark it, rss it, or whatever else you crazy kids are doing with your internet machines these days. I promise you won't regret it. Dylan might but you won't.

Posted 19:41
Fri 10 Febuary

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