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blurbin' it

One eyewitness saw the whole incident. "Dude, That Goldfish totally ate the other fish's poop!" He explains.


Rudolph The Hideous Abomination


About two years ago, around Christmas time, I was watching the classic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer special and couldn't help but think about how much of a douchebag Santa was when he met Rudolph for the first time. That scene in particular really stuck with me. In the special, Santa never really learned anything. He hated on Rudolph for having a minor flaw and was a real jerk for pretty much the whole movie. Then, in the end, Rudolph shows up and Santa is all buddy-buddy with Rudolph just because Rudolph's nose would now benefit him. The funny thing about the whole nose thing is that we know the movie takes place around the time it was made (1964). That means electricity and batteries existed; so Santa could have just rigged up some headlights on his sleigh or something.

Anyway, all of this absurdity inspired me to make my own Rudolph parody comic that I called Rudolph The Hideous Abomination. At first my intention was for it to be rather short. Maybe something like 20 pages but after writing it all down and laying out the pages, it wound up being 52. It was going to be a lot of work but I was really into it and couldn't stand not doing it. I started working on the comic in January of 2010 with the intentions of having it completed by the middle of the year. Things went smoothly at first but then suddenly I was getting a lot more Freelance illustration jobs. This cut into my comic drawing time more and more. The next thing I knew it was 2011. Eventually I decided if I was gonna get it done I had to cut out the coloring step. Even then, it was difficult to make much progress with my busy schedule but I stuck with it. And now it's 2 years later and it's finally finished! It feels good.

You can go read it RIGHT HERE on Enjoy!

Posted 19:51
Thu 01 March

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