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A Wolf That Wears Sheep's Clothing

Comic #286

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blurbin' it

When I'm having difficulty coming up with ideas, I like to get inspired by reading other comics or watching a funny show or something. Then I'll try to write jokes in that style of humor. Then when I come up with a good joke, I'll modify it a bit to suit my own style. It usually works out pretty well.

This comic is sort of my own Far Side Joke. As a child The Far Side was my favorite comic strip. I've been feeling a bit uninspired lately, and since it's a single panel strip I thought I might thumb through some of my Far Side books and ask the questions "What Would Gary Do?"


Updates: Back to normal

"Updates, back to normal." said a spokesman for Daily Doodle founder Jeff Morin. Recently the updates on have been anything but daily, as the title of the comic would suggest. In a recent post on it was said that this was due to the busy schedule of founder Jeff Morin. "There was just hardly any time for it with all that was going on." He said in an interview. But rumors have been swirling around the blog-o-sphere that he has been vacationing in the Hamptons on the company's dime. "These allegations are just not true" said a spokesman for the cartoonist "I can assure you that Jeff takes The Daily Doodle very seriously and wants nothing more than to maintain a consistent update schedule."

Regardless of what the reasons were. Things are back to normal at the popular webcomic site. For the time being at least.

Posted 20:35
Tue 01 May

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