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Useless Degrees

Comic #295

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blurbin' it

Sure Harry Potter is a super wizard and he knows how to do wacky magic tricks but, does he even know how to add? Not once in all his years at Hogwarts did you ever see Harry taking a normal class. And don't try to tell me he took those in between all the magician classes. How would he find the time between Potions class and Gross and Frightening Plant Babies 101?


Father's Day Cards and Gifts


Hey, You! What are you doing?! Don't get your dad some kind of generic Father's Day gift from Target, or worse...The dollar store! Get him something don't know...This Fishing shirt Illustrated by myself! Or, maybe your dad isn't the sporting type, maybe he's a science guy or a computer nerd. Anyway, what I'm saying is that I've got all kinds of products, in my Zazzle shop, that would make great Dad's Day gifts.

But wait, there's more! You're gonna need a greeting card to go along with that gift, right? Well I've turned a couple of Daily Doodles into cards just for the occasion. Specifically #137 The Snuggo and #86 Ghost Dad.

So, please go check out my store and get your Dad something cool. I can vouch for the quality of Zazzle's products. I've purchased, several things from them and the quality is really nice. Prints come out great. Even the dark T-shirts. I'd say it's the next best thing to screen printing. They do a really good job and I'm not just saying that because I stand to make money from your purchases.

Posted 11:09
Sat 26 May

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