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Barack Whats-his-name

Comic #322

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blurbin' it

Hey guys, if you disagree with the president's politics, that's fine. That can be your reason for not liking him. There's no reason to make up stories about him being a magical space Muslim that wants to kill your grandma.



A few months back I was commissioned by Danielle Vello to illustrate a 1950s cartoon version of herself, for her new blog site Ask The Mother Board. Well, she was very happy with the results and recently did a little write up and interview with me on her site.

I was honored and excited. This is the first time I've ever answered any sort of interview questions and I'm pretty sure it means that I'm a celebrity now. Autographs are $25 each. I'm just kidding, but really in all seriousness I will probably charge $20 for an autograph. Nah! I'm kidding again! I'm not that full of myself. Fifteen is fine, $15 for an autograph.

Anyway, in case you've been wondering what hand I draw with or what my favorite ice cream is, you can find out RIGHT HERE!

Posted 10:11
Sat 23 June

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