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The Extermables

Comic #366

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blurbin' it

You know, I really want to like The Expendables. The concept is great and it should be an amazing slightly satirical action movie but instead it's nothing but brutal violence and sweaty, greasy dudes. I usually don't get put off by violence in movies but The Expendables like performing mass murder too much. How can I support heroes that enjoy killing and do it even when they don't have to. Dexter the serial killer from the TV show Dexter is less of a crazy sociopath than these guys.

Anyway, that is my review of the film Expendables 2 because I know that you guys were wanting me to review that.


No Comic

Yo everyone! This is just a quick news post to let you all know that there won't be a comic today. I'm working on some stuff that get's my priority and I'd rather not rush a comic up even if it is a doodle. That's not very fun for any of us, really. Will I have one on Wednesday? Perhaps. But anyway, thanks for your patients and I can promise that I'm not being lazy. I'll keep everyone posted. See you soon.

Posted 00:10
Tue 28 August

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