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Water into winos

Comic #402

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blurbin' it

Why did Jesus turn water into wine? I thought they only drank wine back then because they hadn't yet figured out how to drink clean water. Why didn't he just make clean water? I guess, maybe, it sounds less impressive when you say that Jesus turned water into different water. Basically, it would be like worshiping a giant Brita filter.


New Designs for October


I just added 3 new designs to my Zazzle store. One is a Halloween/vampire design that says "Real vampires wear capes" and is available on a T-shirt and a mug. The other two are some politically themed designs perfect for wearing to the polls this November and pissing off members of the opposite political party. I've also got several more T-shirt designs and the like, that go well with Halloween. You can go check them all out right here.

Posted 16:35
Sun 07 October

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