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Comic #412

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blurbin' it

So, today's the day. You better vote for the right person or the world will be in big troubles. If you vote for Mitt Romney it's going to usher in the Apocalypse. If you vote for Barack Obama it will usher in the apocalypse. But you could always use the write-in spot and usher in pop star Usher.


New Designs for October


I just added 3 new designs to my Zazzle store. One is a Halloween/vampire design that says "Real vampires wear capes" and is available on a T-shirt and a mug. The other two are some politically themed designs perfect for wearing to the polls this November and pissing off members of the opposite political party. I've also got several more T-shirt designs and the like, that go well with Halloween. You can go check them all out right here.

Posted 16:35
Sun 07 October

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