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Disguising the Zit

Comic #452

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blurbin' it

Anything can be easily hidden with Groucho Marx glasses. That is a true fact. It's the reason that they couldn't find Osama Bin Laden for so long.


Christmas Cards


I've got three new Christmas cards in my store. Each one features a colorized Christmas Daily Doodle. In addition to these fine Christmas cards, I'll be adding a bunch of new products throughout the month. I've got a lot of stuff that would make great Christmas gifts. So, please take a look around. And remember all of that stuff is customizable, so if you want the inside of your Christmas card to say something different, you can change it. Also, you can change the color and style to any of the T-shirts. You can even get the image printed on a sweatshirt or Jacket. Thanks for looking, everyone!

Posted 19:31
Sun 25 November

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