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LOL: A Breif History
There was once a time when, in order to explain, in text, that you were laughing you had to actually write, "hahaha". And then if you were laughing really hard you had to write, "hahahahahahahaaaaa". I guess a lot of people were finding all that typing very painful on their hands so they invented the acronym "LOL", which stands for, "Laughing Out Loud." It worked for a time until people found that it just wasn't getting the point across like they had hoped. So, they started writing, "Lololololollllll" which stands for, "The education system has failed me."


Valentine's Day


So, I had so much fun coloring those Christmas Daily Doodles and turning them into greeting cards, I decided to do some Valentines Day one's too. As of writing this I've posted two in my shop, Cupid's Arrow and Hipster Mix Tape. Each in a greeting card and a postcard variation. I've got a whole list of comics that I want to turn into Valentines but I think I'll probably only get one more done before we get to close to the day.

Anyway, I hope you will go take a look and possibly buy some? maybe? or tell your friends? Please? Maybe? Thanks. Here's The Link

Posted 19:24
Mon 21 January

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