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Underpants on the Outside

Comic #480

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blurbin' it

I've been kind of out of the loop with superhero comics for a while and I've just started getting back into them. I noticed that none of the Justice League guys have underpants on the outside any more, which makes me wonder what ever happened to their underpants. Perhaps they will have a big crisis event to explain it and the Justice League will have to fight a villain who has made a suit out of all the discarded underpants and therefor possesses all of their superpowers. It could be called Crisis on Infinite Underwear.


Valentine's Day


So, I had so much fun coloring those Christmas Daily Doodles and turning them into greeting cards, I decided to do some Valentines Day one's too. As of writing this I've posted two in my shop, Cupid's Arrow and Hipster Mix Tape. Each in a greeting card and a postcard variation. I've got a whole list of comics that I want to turn into Valentines but I think I'll probably only get one more done before we get to close to the day.

Anyway, I hope you will go take a look and possibly buy some? maybe? or tell your friends? Please? Maybe? Thanks. Here's The Link

Posted 19:24
Mon 21 January

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