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blurbin' it

My New Years Resolution is to get my life more structured and focused. My life has changed a little in the past couple of years so I've been adjusting to it but unfortunately, I became a mess of distraction. Like a child with ADD. This year I'm putting an end to it. There's going to be some schedules, some lists, some white boards with notes written on them, and some personal philosophies to stick to. There's no more messing around. And this year is going to be the decider of weather or not I actually become a full time freelance illustrator or not. If I spend another year and haven't quite made it to that point, I'm just going to start searching for a good day job. I've been in this state of limbo for too long. I want to do art, I really do but I don't need to be overworked for the rest of my life, working two jobs. So here's to 2014! Let's do this shit!


Daily Doodle Returns and APE

So, The Daily Doodle is updating Daily again! I'm a little rusty at keeping the schedule but I will do my best. I just need to get back into the swing of things. There's still a chance that I'll get swamped with freelance work and not be able to update but I'm gonna do my best to keep up with it.

I went to APE (Alternative Press Expo) this past weekend. I had a great time. I met a lot of talented artist,spent way too much money, and learned some stuff. The main thing that I learned was that if I am going to make a real go at being a full time artist that I need to do more of my own artwork and sell that art in different ways. This is something that I thought was true for a while but had confirmed when I went to a work shop hosted by illustrator, Nidhi Chanani. Nidihi talked about how 90% of her income came from selling her prints and different products with her art. The last news post that I did talked about how I was going to put all of my energy into getting freelance work. I'm rethinking it a bit. Of course, while I still have a day job, I'm going to be on the lookout for freelance work. It's just apparent to me that I need to be doing my own art as much as possible. So, I don't know, my plans have changed a little. Who knows, next month I might change my mind again.

I do have a lot of plans! Good plans! I'll keep you all posted as they happen in the coming year.

Posted 10:19
Wed 16 October

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