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Photographic Evidence

Comic #651

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blurbin' it

Oh that thing behind the tree? Don't be ridiculous! Those are just some pixel artifacts. I'm no idiot. I can spot goofy pixels in a picture. But let me show you this, right here. See this blob that looks like a bunch of goofy pixels. I'm pretty positive that, that is a Bigfoot, like a hundred percent.


Coming Back Soon

Hey folks! Haven't updated in a while, but I'll be updating The Daily Doodle again very soon! Just two weeks left with my day job at the grocery store. Once that's over, I'll be doing freelance illustration and design full time. This means I'll actually have time in my schedule to Draw comics again. I'm hoping to return the first week of July. If not then, then the week after. Once I get the ball rolling it should be a regular thing like when I first started, but better than ever!

Posted 20:55
Mon 16 June

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