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Cell Phone Comedian

Comic #691

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blurbin' it

Poor guy. He had so much great material. There was the small cell phones bit, the tape deck eating the tape bit, even that hilarious bit about dial up modems taking forever.


I've been back for a while

Figured I would update the news section. It's been saying that the comic will come back soon but you'll never believe it...It's been back for a while now! I'm full time self employed. Yep, I get to draw comics and other illustrations for a living. Well, I can't live on it yet. Hopefully, I will be able to make it my living before I go broke. We will see, though! If you would like to help me out, you could share some comics with friends, "Like" my facebook page or check me out on tumblr. You can also follow me on twitter and buy something from my store. Check out all the links at the top of the page. Thanks in advance.

Your pal, Jeff

Posted 15:26
Mon 22 September

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