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Real Potatoes

Comic #742

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blurbin' it

At this point McDonalds could tell me that their burgers are made of rancid dog meat and I'd probably still feel compelled to go buy one. They've come out with these new videos online where they show you how their food is made and what's in it. What we find out from these videos is that it's exactly as we feared, McDonald's food is processed and full of preservatives and "natural" sugar. We even find out that we were wrong about there being 17 ingredients in their french fries; it's actually 19 ingredients! After discovering this inconvenient truth, you'd think I would have swore off fast food forever. Instead, I went out and ordered a delicious double cheeseburger. Damn you McDonald's! How do you do it?!


Joy To The World

Just in time for the holidays, I'm bringing The Daily Doodle back. I've recharged my creative batteries and I'm ready to go.

Posted 09:30
Mon 22 December

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