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Old Man Costume

Comic #84

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blurbin' it

I hope to be as sharp as a cracker when I'm an old man. Hopefully medical science will ensure that I don't go all senile but I'm still going to pretend to have an old crazy brain just to mess with the youngsters. I'll just show up at the supermarket and be all, "I'm sooo old." Then I'll jump in one of those electric carts and just start running into all the displays and stuff. All the while saying things like, "oh dear me." And I'll ask all the employees for help and say things like, "I don't want the one with almonds in it!" Then they'll give me the regular one that I asked for but I'll still say, "Does it have almonds in it? I don't want the one with almonds in it!"


One Hundred Page Views

According to my site stats The Daily Doodle is getting 100 page views a day. Sure it doesn't seem like much but I'm excited. It means folks are reading it. So, I want to say thank you. If I can make something out of The Daily Doodle it will help me in my goal of quitting my day job and drawing more comics. Not just doodle comics either. I have plans to do some more web based comic strips but unfortunately my schedule is pretty full between my day job and freelance illustration jobs. I'm getting close to eliminating my day job though and the 100 page views is encouraging. Thanks again everyone!

Posted 11:23
Sat 08 October

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