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Updating Once Again

Gravatar Posted 00:35
Thu 12 July
by Jeff

Well, I'm a little late but The Daily Doodle is updating once again. I probably would have had it going sooner but we hit a bit of a snag with getting the internet hooked up. I took some time off Thursday to meet the cable guy so he could give us some internet and hook up our idiot boxes but when he got there he told me he couldn't do it without permission from the landlords, for reasons...which I wasn't really listening too. Anyway, rather than taking time off work again I decided to order some DSL instead. That's on it's way from space as we speak. In the meantime, I'm using work and mom's internets to write this and upload the next five days worth of doodles. Let's hope and pray that by the time the queue runs out, the aliens will have brought me my DSLs.

Aside from my internet issues, everything else is going great. My new house has a whole room full of my stuff, that I call "The Studio". It's a really exciting place to work and/or spy on the neighbors.

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